Interstellar: A Unique Approach to Filmmaking

Christopher Nolan’s awaited sci-fi film Interstellar has finally opened and is going into the weekend with a substantial profit already. The plot deals with the concept that humans have exploited resources on the Earth and might not be able to find a way out of Earth to save themselves from the failing conditions of the planet.  The anticipation for this film reached its height when the trailer was released a few months ago. But was the eager wait for this movie justified?

There are several unique elements to the sci-fi drama film. Over the past few years, the entire motion picture industry has transitioned to digital production methods. Yet Interstellar is only available in the old 35 mm or 70 mm prints. Additionally, what distinguishes the film is that it deals with several concerns in the world currently and it develops an accurate representation of modern space technology.

A majority of the film was shot with IMAX 70 mm cameras. Nolan shot the film with IMAX in his mind and wanted audiences to see his movies exactly the way they were shot on film. The 49 reels of the film containing all the footage are wound onto a single reel to be projected in theaters.

This film seems to be going strong at the box office so far making $4.9 million already. Also, comparisons between Interstellar and last year’s film Gravity are likely since both are space films. If people were to like Gravity more if it could have an adverse effect on the success of Interstellar.


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