The Meaning Behind Dreams

Have you ever had a dream where you were being chased by someone? Or a dream where you were physically trapped with no way out? Or even a dream where you lost all of your teeth? While scientists have differing opinions on why we dream in the first place, there is no definite answer to this question. However, theories have been made about the possible meanings of dreams. As you will soon find out, various symbols and themes in dreams reveal much about an individual.

  1. Being Chased: This is one of the most common types of dreams. The act of being chased may symbolize running away from something in your life that requires your attention.being-chased
  2. Falling: Another common dream, the act of falling may reveal anxieties about letting go or losing control. However, some believe that not all falling dreams are negative. Falling in a slow manner can indicate tranquility. 200069335-002
  3. Food: That delicious ice cream cake you dreamed of last night? It has a much deeper meaning than just being food. It is said to symbolize knowledge, as food replenishes the body likewise to how information nourishes the brain. The idiom “food for thought” and being “hungry for information” accurately represents this type of
  4. Teeth: What’s one difference between an elderly man and a youthful teen? The elderly man likely has less teeth than the teen. Accordingly, a dream about losing your teeth can symbolize your fear of becoming older or being unattractive to others. Woman teeth
  5. Death: This kind of dream isn’t as negative as you would think. Death is linked to a drastic change for the dreamer; the end of one thing being the start of another. If you are saddened by the loss of a loved one, dreams about death may portray your attempt to cope with the event. tombstone
  6. Missing a flight: Not getting on an airplane in time is a common dream that resembles frustration over missing important opportunities in life. You may have this kind of dream when you’re struggling to make a decision.plane
  7. Being Trapped: Have you ever had a dream where you were trapped inside of a box with no way out? This dream can represent an inability to escape or make the right choice. Similarly, dreaming about paralysis may indicate lacking control in life. Trapped-by-high-gearing-and-CGT

Next time you sleep, try figuring out what your dreams reveal about you!

To learn more about the possible meanings of dreams, visit the following websites:


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