“Power” to the UN

“She is truly a “woman of power’ for peace. She is a champion of global actions through the United Nations,” said UN Secretary General Ban Ki- moon describing the youngest-ever permanent representative to the UN, Samantha Power.

Samantha Power, 44, is an Irish-born American, serving in the UN as the United States Ambassador the United Nations. Her career began as a journalist, covering the Bosnian War in Yugoslavia for various news companies. Power was confirmed last year to be a representative to the UN, amidst a moment in history exploding with crises: the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, Syria’s civil war, the Ebola outbreak, and the proliferating activities of the extremist group ISIS. Nonetheless, Power’s neverending efforts to perform well has left the UN on a better standing.

Her first year in the UN marked milestones; filled with more emergency sessions held by the UN’s Security Council ever in the 10 years prior, it was the perfect chance for Power to shine. In a turning point August session regarding the Ukraine conflict, Power showed her direct and practical nature by speaking against Russian president Vladimir Putin, claiming that Russia had manipulated and lied to the world. This was the epitome of her efforts to increase public awareness of human rights abuse, and it garnered her much support.

Not only has Samantha Power worked towards the political issues of the UN, she has also contributed to health crises, primarily the Ebola outbreak and efforts of relief in West Africa. Power forced Americans to stop eschewing from the global emergency, believing that the level of response was insufficient. She incessantly advocated for an early intervention and support from the US Government. At an emergency Security Council meeting (the UN’s first ever on a health crisis) Power emphasized the importance of acting earlier in order to save more lives.

Samantha Power’s leading voice in many humanitarian and civil rights issues has indeed left a lasting impact on the UN, and society as a whole, and will continue to do so in the years she will serve. Her goal of making a change in the UN’s records of human rights will definitely bring better effects to the world.


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