Men’s Rights Movement

Feminism /ˈfeməˌnizəm/ noun ; the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men ; synonyms: the women’s movement, the feminist movement, women’s liberation, female emancipation, women’s rights.

Today’s society is becoming increasingly aware of the painstakingly high standards that women have to meet to attain that “perfect” look and is encouraging the acceptance of people without the traditional image of beauty. Women have the right to appear how they are and not be judged for it.

Everybody is aware of the challenges women are faced with when it comes to body image and beauty. However, as feminism is on the rise and justice for women, especially when it comes to weight, is being demanded, has anybody thought of men that go through the same challenges? Men are judged just as much as women, if not more.

When people see an overweight woman with a good looking man, they root for her and tell her they’re proud that she understands her body does not define her. She is told that she has the support of everybody and she deserves her man  and she’s beautiful, because society is now aware of the struggle that she has probably been through regarding her weight and appearance.

The same society that cheers for that woman treats a man unfairly when the situation is turned around. When an obese man is seen with a beautiful woman, he is thought to be unworthy of her and too fat for someone as pretty as she is. The girl is marked off as a probably gold digger for being with someone like him, or told that she needs standards and can do a lot better than him.

Women, if unhappy with their appearance, can apply make-up, change their hair-do and amp up their wardrobe. Women that overdo their makeup are judged for being trashy. Women that wear tight clothing are judged for being too easy. Women that wear baggy, loose clothing are judged for being prudes. When faced with the same issue, men can’t apply make-up or they are deemed “gay”. Men can get haircuts in hopes for a change and attempt to change the way they dress but within certain limits. If they “bum-out” they might be judged for being slobs. Men can’t wear jeans too skinny or they may get taunted and marked as, once again, homosexuals.

Females are told that they must find someone who loves them for who they are and that they shouldn’t have to lose a pound just to be compatible with someone with different health habits and lifestyle. Society’s perception on men, however, is that they are losers if they don’t work out and fit the exact image of a hot guy.

Just like women were, and somewhat still are, liked better when skinny and have makeup on, men are going through the same thing. They must have a built body, a fashionable hairstyle, and great sense of style. Men need a movement for their rights as well, just like feminism, for nobody understands that they have body image issues as well.


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