President Obama’s Plan for Immigration

A warm message from the President of the United States tonight to the American people–a reaffirmation of the roots with what the United States had been borne and sprouted from. President Obama said that “America is a nation of immigrants.” Indeed, much of American history consisted of immigrants from around the world seeking a better place to live, a place where they have the freedom to worship, freedom to express their feelings, and freedom to pursue their dreams. That is the American Dream. Along with the rising minority-immigrant population, America and its people must learn to accept diversity of culture. Americans must learn to reap the benefits of the endurance and persistence of immigrants.

President Obama addresses that he wants to pursue a bipartisan effort to create a more permanent solution for immigration. However, due to the tenacity of many House of Representatives congressmen, he cannot pursue such approach. Yet he must do something to protect those immigrant families from becoming divided just because one of the parents do not have proper identification or the necessary papers. One has heard too much stories about children like us who have to lose their parents due to their parents’ undocumented status. They are children too. Children who want to learn. Children who work in school. Children who may even be our friends or our neighbors. One has seen the blood-and-sweat that the parents put in everyday, working multiple low-paying jobs, who “don’t even pay a dime to the government,” just to provide their families with a better life.

Those who criticize President Obama’s executive action plan do not realize his point. He is not offering amnesty. Nowhere does his plan delineate “amnesty” or “permanent legalization.” Amnesty is something of Congress’ authority, which he addresses as well. Therefore, detractors, stop claiming this plan as “amnesty.”

Despite those parents who work hard for their families, they still broke America’s immigration laws. As a result, they are not granted immediate protection. President Obama is simply granting them more security of status in the nation so they can continue to provide for their families while feeling more patriotism and confidence in America, possibly start giving back to America. Once they move on the path of legalization, they will eventually be able to pay taxes and perform other necessary American duties. With the 11 million undocumented immigrants eventually paying taxes, America will have 11 million more people to help stave off our astounding deficit.

In the end, President Obama emphasizes:

“America is a nation of immigrants. We were once strangers too.”


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