Messi’s Unstoppable Run

In Saturday’s league match against Sevilla, Lionel Messi scored 3 goals to become the league’s top scorer of all time with a total of 253 goals. At the age of 27, this is one of the most remarkable feats achieved by any individual. After the match, there was a huge honor bestowed upon Messi as the entire crowd and his teammates congratulated him for his astounding achievements. He was thrown up into the air several times by the team.

Messi’s illustrious career is marked by several records that have been broken but none can match this one. The Argentine thanked all his supporters on Facebook and also posted a video of his first goal in the league back in 2005. He went on to say that he never believed that he would be able to any records, let alone this one.

Barcelona’s coach, Luis Enrique went onto say that Messi was “beyond comparison, one of a kind, never to be seen again.” The goal that allowed Messi to tie the record at 251 goals came with a spectacular free kick beating the goalkeeper with relative ease. His next two goals came from a closer range later on in the game but nonetheless, Messi was an irresistible form for the entire match.

At this rate, it almost seems like there are no records left for Messi to break anymore. However, he claims that he still wants to get his hands on the World Cup trophy in four years time. Argentina had come close to doing so this past summer but a second place finish was not enough to please Messi. It will be interesting to see what Messi manages to accomplish in the future as well.

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