Ferguson : A Rekindled Fire

Over the past couple of months, the shooting of Michael Brown has sparked a lot of controversy. As a recap, Michael Brown was shot by a police officer after he robbed a convenience store in Ferguson, Missouri. The reason behind the controversy is the ambiguity around what actually occurred that day. Did the police officer shoot and kill Michael Brown out of self defense as he says? Or did the police use excessive and lethal force for no good reason. Regardless, the police officer, Darren Wilson, went on trial for this possible crime. Riots broke out, shops were broken into, and violence was also present. Tensions escalated so quickly that police officers started rolling into the streets with military grade weaponry and vehicles. For days this chaos was present, and took time to disappear.

Now that same chaos has reappeared in a more destructive form. Darren Wilson was not indited for this crime, and protests have broken out in all parts of the countries. The city of Ferguson was practically on fire. Citizens are outraged how this officer could get away with this crime, despite the lack of substantial evidence supporting his claim. The man who had his store robbed by Michael Brown was brutally beaten up, and his store was destroyed and robbed. Furthermore, there was a protest in the Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. The governor of Missouri asked for more armed officers in the Ferguson area in fear of mass disruption outside of the area.

At first, it was just the citizens of Ferguson outraged at the police force and government with the country closely watching. Now, the country is involved as the issue of police brutality is omnipresent. More and more cases of police brutality are having light shed on due to social media sites, allowing more people to view and form opinions on the subject.

Ferguson simply showcased the extent of the abuse of power that the police makes. All it takes is one event to cause a major conflict. Tensions between police forces and the public have been rising for years, and we have finally seen them cause that very conflict. This issue needs to be tackled immediately as police forces are increasingly gaining access to military equipment.


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