Politics over People’s opinions…Gov. Christie vetoes pig bill

Governor Christie (R-NJ) has just vetoed a controversial pig bill.

Governor Christie of New Jersey is back on the news! And this time it’s with pigs and and their possible freedom from confinement in gestation crates. So apparently he did was not involved in with the George Washington Bridge, “Bridgegate”, scandal? Probably because many think that the reason Gov. Christie vetoed the controversial pig bill that would have prohibited confinement of pigs in small “gestation crate” cages that humane societies have protested it as evidence of “factory farming” is that there’s about 20 million pigs in Iowa, the first presidential caucus state. So in this case, had Governor Christie signed the bill, he would probably be antagonizing with the more ideological, conservative-wing of the Republican party. But by vetoing the bill, he is alienating the Democrats and majority of New Jerseyans. So here is the question. Which is more important: politics or state representation?


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