Leader of the Free World-and Your Television?

When you hear the name ‘Barack Obama’, what comes to your mind? Is it the government? Politics? United States? All of the these words have a sense of authority and professionalism to them. Taking this into account, ‘comedy’ isn’t a word you would typically associate with the “leader of the free world”.

Recently, Obama made an appearance on The Colbert Report (a satirical television show hosted by Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central). With the show airing its final episode on December 18, it seemed only fitting to end on a high note by having the president of the United States act as host.


Being a satirical show, Colbert normally pokes fun at various current issues. This made it all the more exciting when Obama jokingly laughed about his policies as president, or as a person in general. Some memorable lines from the episode include:

  • “Remember the original healthcare.gov website? I think that’s where Disney got the idea for Frozen”
  • [Colbert] “Barack Obama: Great President, or the Greatest President?”
  • [Obama]  “I’ll leave that alone, Stephen.”

Other moments included referencing healthcare and how Obama has drastically aged during his presidency.

Barack Obama Tapes an Interview for The Colbert Report

After the witty and satire-filled segment was over, Obama and Colbert engaged in an conversation about voting during midterm elections, job creation, and the Keystone XL pipeline (an oil pipeline system in Canada and the United States). Specifically, Obama provided his input on Keystone XL, stating that “If we look at this objectively, we have to make sure it’s not adding to the problem of carbon and climate change because these young people are going to have to live in a world where we already know temperatures are going up, and Keystone is a potential contributor to that. Though it should be noted that he did not explicitly state he was against the proposed bill.

During a time where politics reign supreme in a very serious world, it’s nice to have some time to relax and take a break from all the conflict. If you want to have a few laughs while learning more about the president’s policies, I highly recommend watching the full episode by clicking here.






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