Christmas Delivery – Easier Than You Think

Nine days until Christmas – and you know what that means; it’s time to send those festive gifts around the country. Santa’s reindeer can take a break this year; FedEx and the United States Postal Service have the delivery under control. Last year, because of the storm, deliveries were sent out a little late, but this year, they expect to send every package to the right house at the right time. The Postal Service said that “it will process more than 640 million cards, letters and packages” (1). FedEx stated that it will move “22.6 million shipments” (1). The problem with the gift shipping is how to get them to the house on time. After much research, experts from FedEx and UPS gave a few tips on how to make sure those presents reach the right house on Christmas Day.

First, make sure that you send it to the recipient. It makes the delivery much easier and it will reduce the time of the presents sitting in the postal office.

Next, don’t reuse boxes. FedEx packing expert Cordell Golden stated that it was the most common error made by the gift-senders.

Choose your carrier wisely, because some may have cut-off dates earlier than others. Some were this Monday, and others are coming up this Thursday. Depending on when you have your gifts wrapped up, you may have to choose a different carrier than your usual.

Something that you may not know is that there is a Free Shipping Day. Yes, that pesky fee for “shipping and handling” will wiped away for one day. On December 18th, from 12:01am to 11:59pm, last-minute gift shoppers will get another chance to buy their loved ones gifts without the extra fee. The founders of this “day”, Luke and Maisie Knowles, started this event in 2008 to “offer shoppers some peace of mind during the busy holiday shopping season” (2). Stores such as Levi’s, Lucky Brand, and North Face are participating in this event this year, also hoping to give their customers a “peace of mind” while shopping for the holidays. The Knowles planned to make the event as close to Christmas as possible to give a break to those that have a habit of shopping last minute. If you are one of those people that missed the cut-off date for getting the gift to the house in time for Christmas, do not worry. You can get the gift there in time without the extra money added to the delivery. With the postal carriers and this “Free Shipping Day” event, Christmas is on its way, filled with presents and laughter.


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