The Power of Resolutions

365 days in a year and 366 days in a leap year, but the majority of people wait till December 31st to create a quite ambitious list of goals that they want to go about accomplishing as soon as the clock strikes twelve – kind of like Cinderella, except for the missing glass slipper and the fairy godmother to make it all right.

Why do people find New Year’s Eve as the most appealing time to make resolutions? Why the sudden drive to better themselves? Maybe it’s the tempting idea of a blank slate, of a new calendar on the wall and a new number on the end of the date to fill out. Or maybe it’s the thought that with the passing of a whole year, the mistakes that were associated with it are all in the past. It’s like shedding one’s old skin and slipping into a new one, and the most opportune moment to do so would be at the start of a glittering new year.


Many argue that people shouldn’t wait till the New Year’s to make monumental changes in their character or actions. Technically, people can just wake up one morning and decide to be a better person. And although this is very true, it’s not an enticing prospect for the majority. After all, when people get out of bed on a bleak Monday morning, all they really want to do is get through the day without falling asleep – repeatedly. There’s no motivation, no sparkling incentive, to set new targets on any ordinary day. Human beings have a natural inclination for all things exciting and dramatic, and New Year’s is the epitome of all those qualities.

The matter of keeping up with New Year’s resolutions is another matter altogether. Google reported, after launching its Resolution Map in 2013 where people could list their goals and see other people’s goals as well, that only 40% of users stuck to their plans by July. Although that may seem like a disappointing figure, at least the remaining 60% had tried to complete their resolutions. It’s the attempt to better one’s self that counts; after all, failure is looked upon as a stepladder to success, and everyone can just try, try again.


Not to mention, there’s always another year around the corner. So, even if your resolutions for 2015 go haywire, you still have 2016, 2017, and so on to continue your mission. No matter what, changes take countless days of work, and the New Year’s is the perfect chance to start the timer.


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