In a Heartbeat

Sign a receipt, enter a PIN number, go through other security measures – all the hassle just to access your bank account. Some may say that the “hassle” is actually an important system of passwords to keep money safe from hackers. But, in the fast-paced world of today, who has the time to punch in all those numbers? And since when was a four digit combination a bulletproof shield against theft?

Many European banks have addressed this concern by introducing biometric security. This innovative new system binds a person’s unique heartbeat to their credit card information. So, when you go to access your account, you can skip the keypad and access money with the help of the human organ that keeps us alive.


Although the costs of integrating such a system is undetermined to date, biometric security is definitely a worthy investment for American banks. After all, a robber can figure out your password or steal your fingerprints, but they can never replicate your heartbeat pattern. Tying security to biology creates a combination that is far more superior than one made out of numbers.

Furthermore, heartbeat identification provides for quick and easy access. People are constantly on the move and tend to get annoyed at situations that slow them down. But, much like fingerprint recognition on the iPhone 5s and onward, biometric security will help people save time by asking them for no more than their heart – of course, in the most unsentimental way possible.


Institutions that are hesitant to adopt such a technology are missing out on a golden opportunity. It’s about time that we embrace security that is intelligently backed by our idiomatic human bodies. The number of thefts and hacking incidents can be reduced, and people can feel at ease because of the reliability that biometric measures guarantee. Not only that, but imagine the entrepreneurial potential of this method. After all, if banks take up the new system, new businesses will be needed to produce and distribute heartbeat scanners/bracelets.

Evidently, biometric security has the power to become the next big thing. If we implement it in the following years, we can witness a decrease of breaches and an increase in customer satisfaction. If it proves to be cost-effective, it can be applied to other securities as well, such as locking our cars and securing our homes. It is the kind of technology that can only make our lives better – all we have to do is accept it with our hearts.


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