Standing Up For What is Right – Right In Your Living Room

Protests do not have to be marches or speeches made in public. Three-year-old Zuri Chin makes her protests via YouTube.

Her mother Staceyann Chin actively participates in “rallies and marches” (1) that speak out about everything from “women’s rights to police brutality” (1). She takes her child whenever she can to these protests, hoping to teach her to use her voice to speak out against what she believes is wrong. One day, they were about to go to Union Square for a march, but Chin was unable to find a babysitter to take care of her child on a rainy day. Zuri told her mother that she wanted to protest with her, no matter what it took do it.

Staceyann and Zuri Chin at a protest. Zuri, 3, has been attending activist rallies with her mom since she was born.

Surprised by her daughter’s enthusiasm, Chin started making YouTube videos about protests, right from their living room. “We decided that if we couldn’t march in the streets, we were going to have our own protest in our home. We wanted to become a part of the protest and, since our bodies couldn’t be there in the moment, we wanted to at least be present in the conversation,” says Chin.

Their latest video, “Living Room Protest III”, featured Zuri’s voice. By going to various marches and rallies, she knows how to protest on her own. She speaks out by telling the internet that she does not like it when people call her “cute” or “beautiful (1). “I just want to be called Zuri,” she states.

Zuri Chin makes a poster for one of her living room protests.

Chin, before becoming a mother, thought that she knew everything about everything. After having Zuri, she realized that she actually did not. Her daughter asks her challenging questions everyday about topics that Chin had never pondered much about, such as “inequality [and] violence” (2). She believes that no matter what she or her daughter are standing up for, it is important to be a “part of the conversation” (2). She is proud that her daughter has her own voice and can speak about what she believes in, right from their living room.

Their latest video had over 53,000 views. Chin states that their videos had a great response, but their protests will not be uploaded on a schedule. “It’s all about her desire to do them. I’m really on Zuri’s timeline,” Chin says.


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