The Academy Awards Miss Important Nominations

The Academy Awards are approaching us fast in the month of February. Recently a list of nominations was released with the names of several talented individuals, some who have been frequently nominated while others who are getting their first chance at glory. Regardless, there is a great amount of talent included in the nominations but there are several surprises as well.

The first disappointment was surrounding the fact that a majority of the acting nominees were exclusively male and white. There is a serious lack of diversity in the nominations this year. That also leads us to the movie Selma, which only received 2 nominations. Selma centers around Dr. King during the Selma to Montgomery marches in 1965. The portrayal of these marches has been considered by critics and audiences alike to be phenomenal and definitely one of the best movies of the year.

Selma was only nominated for Best Picture and Best Original Song. What makes this snub stand out the most is that nearly every movie nominated for Best Picture in the past has been nominated for other bigger categories such as acting and directing. David Oyewolo, who played the role Dr. King, along with DuVernay, the director of the movie, have done outstanding jobs at bringing this historically significant event to the movies. Dr. King was brought to life quite adeptly and skillfully.

Yet, people are more worried about the fact that The Lego Movie was not nominated. Take nothing away from the Lego Movie, but Selma really should have garnered much more recognition and the viewers’ responses provide enough evidence for that. Nonetheless, I’m sure that most people will be anticipating the night of the awards. Again, it’s great that so many talented individuals are being awarded but have the voters been completely fair?


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