The Pacifist Japanese Negotiate with ISIL

In the last week, the Japanese government had been faced with a time-sensitive decision on negotiating with the captors of two Japanese citizens; Mr. Kenji Goto and Mr. Harman Yukawa are the two men being held by the ISIL organization in the Middle East. As shown in the video released to the Japanese, ISIL had demanded a $200 million ransom for their release and set a 72-hour time restraint which Japan had failed to comply with.

On Friday, another video was released by ISIL which displayed Mr. Goto, a popular freelance journalist, asking the Japanese to save him by releasing a captured Iraqi militant, Sajida al-Rishawi. Mr. Goto had announced that the organization had executed Mr. Yukawa and that the demand had been changed.

This quick escalation of tensions between the two parties has changed the reality of what the world is facing in the fight against ISIL. The US and the Japanese are jointly condemning the executions of the Japanese business man who had gone to Syria to set up a private military contracting company. Mr. Shinzo Abe, the Japanese PM, states that the killing is “outrageous and unacceptable,” claiming that the Japanese government will not “bow down” to terrorism. Though the Japanese are in talks with the Jordanian King Abdullah who is keeping al-Rishawi captive, they do not seem willing to support these acts of terrorism, especially as the Japanese government has been known to have a pacifist government.

As the world wages war against ISIL, the organization has continued to expand rapidly in sleeper cells around the world and recruit foreign members for the cause. This situation only shows that ISIL is just working to target more countries, even pacifist ones like Japan, and is forcing nations across the world to come together and fight against the organization.



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