The Apple Watch: A Facade?

Apple has announced the making of their own watch for a long time and is finally scheduled to launch in the spring. In the past year, smart watches and fitness trackers have gained popularity; however, is this all just a hype?

A majority of the smart watches out in the market right now have a limited number of features and can’t necessarily perform those functions very well. The extension to one’s smartphone allows people to see incoming calls and text messages. These watches can also count the number of steps you’ve taken and  track your heart rate. Other fitness trackers have all these features and even have longer battery life. Smart watches on the other hand will probably require overnight charging. Apple has already admitted that their watch will have a few battery issues and will need frequent charging. Then why is the Apple watch expected to become one of the most successful devices?

Apple has a huge amount of customer loyalty and one of the main reasons why is due to how they are known to make their products desirable and beautiful. The look of their products is what allows Apple to sell so much. The Apple watch will be no different and it will allow Apple to sell multiple units regardless of any distinctive features on the watch.

In the future, smart watches are most likely to become thinner, lighter, and more efficient. They are also likely to involve many functions that smartphones have today in addition to home automation and will be used for identity. Overall, it remains to be seen if the Apple watch uncovers any special apps or features. These additions could justify the strong sales expected when the watch is released.


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