Grades. The future. Being judged. Appearance. Family problems. Chores. Time management. It all leads down to one single, yet dangerous factor. Stress is a mental pressure caused by demanding circumstances. It can be present in anyone’s life, regardless of age, and dealing with it can pose a struggle. However, it is most common in students in high school and college due to the strenuous work and endless amount of hours spent studying.

A person’s environment is the biggest reason for excessive stress, because their surroundings regulate their thoughts and emotions. Being overwhelmed by a certain factor and being unable to overcome it or find a solution is a leading cause of tension. Because life today is full of frustrations, deadlines, and demands, stress has become a lifestyle.

Although some stress is good, because it motivates you to try harder and achieve your goals, too much stress can take a negative toll on a person. It keeps you on your toes, but it can drive you to constantly be on edge. It sharpens your focus, but can cause loss of it as well. Whereas the adrenaline rush keeps you thinking fast, it can soon lead to extreme overthinking. It alters eating, sleeping and social habits.

Whereas there are medicines available, the best way to get rid of stress is to eliminate the very root of it. However, if the situation is uncontrollable, there are multiple temporary solutions. A strong network of friends and family to support you through stressful times is beneficial, for it provides an outlet and an opportunity for some advice. Changing your outlook on life and attitude towards your problems can make it easier. A silver lining often makes it more bearable and an optimistic point of view helps embrace challenges as a part of life. Your ability to control your emotions is key to raising your stress tolerance, and being able to balance your feelings will help in moments of weakness.

Alternatively, a proactive way of dealing with stress is also useful. Identifying your stressor, the object causing stress, and handling it can ease up your tension. Changing the situation by altering the stressor, avoiding the stressor, adapting to the stressor or accepting the stressor can produce positive results. However it is that you deal with stress, it should be handled carefully and with a timely manner.


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