Startup Success

New ideas – are they really new? Are they really the ingenious products of a genius person’s mind or just simple ideas that were waiting quietly to be found? It’s hard to tell, but the newest and most successful companies of the year are turning out to be strong testimonies of the latter. Once mere start-ups, these full-fledged companies that are now bringing in millions of dollars in revenue have used the subtleties of the modern world in order to create a thriving venture.

Take, for example, Instacart. No, not Instagram, but Instacart, a San Francisco-based company that transformed grocery shopping from a mundane, time-consuming task to one that’s easy and quick. How? Well, in the same way you open the door to a Dominoes delivery guy on a lazy Saturday night, you can now call an Instacart shopper who will fetch everything on your long list of vegetables and milk and deliver the items to your house in a reasonable amount of time. It’s an idea brimming with a lot of potential, something that founder Apoorva Metha and Max Mullen were lucky to have caught on to. But, the idea is far from novel. Many established chains already offer grocery delivery services. So, what makes Instacart such a success?


The answer is, like I mentioned before, a focus on the subtleties. The Instacart shoppers are paid well, an average of around $25 and maybe even more if the worker is faster at his/her job. This fair treatment of workers, and moreover, the decreased use of technology in order to aid those who need the financial help, is a significant tweak in the way that the company goes about handling its deliveries. Thus, with the added power of the workers who are willing to expend all their time and effort in order to support themselves, Instacart in turn is booming. So, although its appealing service lays a strong foundation, it is the company’s labor force that has brought Instacart a long way.

Suja Juice is another company that took a product as basic as juice and turned it into organic, cold-pressed, yet processed drinks that sell for prices as high as nine dollars. When the brand was first launched in 45 Southern California stores, it sold out almost immediately. As of now, Suja’s annual revenue is approximately 45 million and expected to double in 2015. It’s astounding growth, but the more shocking thing is: juice? Really? Once again, details come into play. With its emphasis on juice that is cold-pressed and therefore packed with fresh nutrients, Suja attracts a large crowd that’s getting tired of over processed drinks. Indeed, it’s a subtle change, but enough to push a company to great heights.


Other companies like AdBoom Group, RocketDrop, and Carvana have also come out on top as the most promising of the year. Like Instacart and Suja, they are examples of other businesses that have taken raw ideas and turned them into keys to success by changing the means of how the ideas are brought to life. Carvana specializes in online car shopping, but in such a way that it provides on the spot financing and house delivery as well, taking online auto deals to another level. Clearly, the most successful companies of today began as start-ups that extracted the real potential from the most unembellished ideas. Evidently, the way to prosperity for start-ups around the world is to focus on their own creative edge in a vastly competitive world.


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