Developing Technology: Good or Bad?

T-E-C-H-N-O-L-O-G-Y. What is it? It’s a simple ten-letter word with so much depth and meaning, especially in the twenty-first century. This specific word gained so much more significance in the past few decades, as its use by people exponentially escalated. Till a specific point, it is beneficial, however in a similar fashion like a variety of most possessions, after a certain point, instead of serving as a beneficial tool, it rather places your precious and valuable life in jeopardy (after excess use). To begin with an obvious point, technology abruptly evolved in the late 1980s through the 2000s. Its establishment not only heavily affected humans, in general, but also severely influenced other organisms that are essential to our precious planet. For instance, power plants that are planted at a consistent distance throughout our nation disrupt habitats- and why do they disrupt numerous acres of preserved land for the wildlife? All because of humans. In other words, we are abolishing our own resourceful land. We are obliterating the organisms’ natural homes. We are annihilating a piece of our own planet, all because of technology. There are undoubtedly several hidden dangers of cell phones.

Moreover, it is even hurting humans through an indirect impact as well as through a direct impact. For instance, scientific discoveries have proven that cell phones are, in general, detrimental to users. The majority of cell phones have undoubtedly small screens, resulting in humans to squint their eyes, causing strain and stress in the humans’ eyes. Furthermore, cell phones give off radiation, which can be extremely detrimental for humans. These radiations reach your ear even when you casually talk on the phone. Consequently, it is suggested that one uses headphones when listening to music or even when one just casually chatters with someone on the phone to avoid any harmful rays reaching your ears. In addition, the most severe consequence of cell phones, that people consider to be the most obvious, is that cell phones result in a destitute of humans’ social skills. With the communication between two, ordinary people being through texting or other types of social media, young kids are losing their basic skills, such as eye contact and public speaking.

Evidently, cell phones, although quite beneficial and helpful, impose manifold and detrimental health issues to all its users. Fortunately, though, there are simple steps to preclude any harmful side effects, and the most basic one is to minimize the time you use your cell phone or not even have a cell phone at all!


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