The Sharks are Back – More Dangerous Than Ever

Shark attacks are fatal. Everyone knows this. However, in the past four years, these attacks have increased dramatically. In La Reunion, a French Indian Ocean island, a thirteen-year-old boy, Elio Canestri, was killed by a shark while surfing.

When people heard this news, at once they thought that he was not careful enough in the ocean waters. However, this is untrue. Whenever Elio went out to surf, he always left a note for his parents stating that he would only surf if there was security. The Canestri family knew how dangerous the waters were and his father said that “[he] was someone who always listened to his parents. He analyzed danger intelligently, he was a competitor” (1). He, along with six other surfers, were killed by sharks. A lack of security was not the issue.

Since this predator is now increasing its presence in our lives, people have started to wonder why they are attacking humans “unprovoked” (2). They are not developing an appetite for humans, if that is what you are wondering. Shark researcher George Burgess concluded that the increase in shark attacks was related to the increase in human population. If the number of shark attacks had increased in a certain area significantly, then it is very possible that the human population in that area had increased significantly as well. It is also true that water sports such as jet skiing and surfing have become more popular as well. This is causing more humans to enter the “shark turf,” causing sharks to attack humans more frequently (2).

Unfortunately, Burgess states, the number of shark attacks will not decrease any time soon. In the next fifteen years, “attacks will become more common,” so it is crucial that humans should not enter the ocean waters at dusk, dawn, in the nighttime, or where someone is fishing (2).


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