History Should Not Repeat Itself

When hearing “The United States of America”, various phrases may occupy your mind, ranging from incomparable justice to detrimental obesity. After all, our precious nation is known for unique actions and manifold events, and one, rather vicious yet unforgettable, action that our nation executed was on August 6, 1945. Several historians, scientists, and soldiers attribute the titles of “The Day the World Changed Forever” and “Japan’s Terrible Destruction” to this date. August 6, 1945 is the day that the United States of America bombed the Japanese city of Hiroshima, as part of a bellicose movement during the World War II.

The first atomic bomb, the American B-29, was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The deadly bomb had abruptly, within milliseconds, killed 80,000 people; anyone who was within a one-mile radius of the bomb had been immediately vaporized and transformed into carbon instantaneously due to the intense heat, undergoing a painless yet extremely abrupt death. This gargantuan explosion had unfortunately wiped out ninety percent of the city’s population, and those who had luckily managed to survive, suffered numerous third-degree burns and various other wounds/ burns throughout their entire body. However, even though the bomb finished making its vastly detrimental effect, deaths continued. Thousands of people passed away later on due to the exposure of severe radiations. Furthermore, for the next several generations and decades, deformed babies were being born as a result of the radiations. Despite suffering thousands of deaths, Japan refused to surrender and exactly three days later, a second B-29 atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 40,000 people. Afterwards, Japan’s Emperor Hirohito announced Japan’s unconditional surrender in the devastating and global World War II through a radio address on August 15, 1945, referring to the injurious and deadly power of the “new and most cruel bomb.”

Unfortunately, many people do not realize and fathom the deadly effects of an atomic bomb, and with the current advances in technology, powerful countries, such as the United States of America, Russia, France, China, Israel, United Kingdom, India, North Korea, and Pakistan are the few countries in the world that contain atomic bombs- and these bombs are not similar to the American B-29 bomb in any way. With constant advances in engineering, technology, and science in the previous decades, modern atomic bombs are approximately hundred times more powerful and deadlier than the B-29 bomb. In fact, the world has accumulated so much nuclear arsenal that the entire Earth can be completely annihilated multiple times! Astonishing, right?! The B-29 explosions in Japan undoubtedly serve a grim reminder of the danger of nuclear war. They educate the public on how devastating these atomic bombs are and definitely admonish the upcoming generations that the use of atomic bombs should be precluded as they have catastrophic consequences.

Clearly, we, as in all of humanity, have to learn from our mistakes to preclude them from reoccurring. As the banal cliche puts it “Those who don’t read history are condemned to repeat it.” All in all, mankind should not be subjected to this ordeal ever again, and thus, the public’s education is downright critical in order to ensure that history is not repeated, with its disastrous effects.


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