The Self-Driving Google Car: Another Leap For Mankind

We all know Google: our best friend when it comes to severely-needed homework help, recipes on how to prepare delectable Mexican cuisine, difficult trigonometry formulas, social media, and various other applications. As we can see, google has multifarious applications to offer the public. However, soon its website will not be the company’s primary fame – its cars will. The Google cars are a revolutionary way of commuting.  Google’s unique, self-driving car clearly manages to do the impossible, opening up a new, revolutionary phase in the field of technology development and autos.


To begin with an obvious point, this innovative car contains countless gadgets, processors, scanners, laser sensors, and various other types of modern technology. With a five-year old project like this taking place in California, USA, a strong, intelligent, innovative, and collaborative team is an essential requirement. Consequently, Google decided to call in the elite experts rather than the average workers. Their team comprises dexterous rocket scientists who have worked on NASA’s intricate Mars projects and adroit vehicle development engineers, such as Jaime Waydo. Each member of the vast and organized team undoubtedly plays a vital role in various, minor parts of the car, with each member being responsible for something different.

The car has multiple and expensive major and minor parts. Firstly, an expensive laser sensor, located at the top of the car, scans 360 degrees for any objects or other hazards within a certain radius of the car. A processor reads the data that has been accumulated by the various sensors and accordingly, regulates vehicle behavior. A hidden orientation sensor, located at the front of the car, tracks the car’s motion and balance, while the radar (a bulging black, oval also at the front of the car) accurately measures the speed of vehicles ahead of itself. Lastly, a wheel-hub sensor, which is located in the car’s tires, detects the number of rotations to help determine the car’s location. These are just a few, astounding pieces of technology in the pioneering car.

Moreover, in the past few months, the self-driving Google car went on several test drives during the beginning of Spring (2015) in California. As stated in the USA TODAY article titled A look inside the Google Car lair, “The Google Car had been waiting about four minutes at an intersection before finally deciding the coast was clear. A human might have taken a chance during a lesser break in traffic. Honking had ensued.” Evidently, this highly secure car does not take any chances.

All in all, with a goal of having driverless cars available on the market within a few years, these cars are sure to revolutionize commuting as well as technology.


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