Baltimore Riots Against Racial Inequality

Police officers are considered the law enforcement of the country. Most of the time, they do the right thing: arrest the people that commit crimes and patrol our streets to keep us safe. However, in this case, the citizens  of Baltimore, Maryland did not believe that the police did the right thing.

On April 12th, Freddie C. Gray Jr. was arrested for carrying a switchblade, when he was truthfully carrying a spring-assisted pocket knife, legal in the state of Maryland. While being transported from where he was arrested to the police station, he went into a coma and was transported to a trauma center. A week later, he died in police custody due to injuries on his spinal cord. Authorities later arrested the police officers with charges ranging from manslaughter to illegal arrest.

After his arrest, many civilians in Baltimore started a violent riot, resulting in multiple arrests and injuries to the police officers. After Gray’s funeral on April 27th, “civil unrest intensified” and there were many burglaries committed, as well burning amd vandalizing of some stores. Due to the intense riots and chaos, Baltimore issued a curfew for all residents in Maryland from 10pm to 5am for five nights.

On May 3rd, that curfew was lifted. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake stated that “[her] goal has always been to not have the curfew in place a single day longer than was necessary” (1). In five nights, the violence had calmed down, but there are still marches going on about the police brutality in Baltimore. Reverend Jamal Bryant stated that he wanted the city to shut down in order to prevent the city from “going forward with pain” (1). Gatherings are still happening all over Baltimore, speaking out against the corrupt police force and racial inequality. The mayor is determined to unify Boston slowly by gradually reducing the number of patrolling officers at each of the gatherings and by reopening the stores and malls that were previously vandalized by the rioters.


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