Looking Back: President of Enterprise Organization

Just a friendly heads-up: if you were looking for a post based on current events, I would immediately veer away from this post as you will be gravely dissapointed. However, if you were not, please read ahead. My name is Viren Rupani, I am 18 years old and I am the Founder and President of Enterprise Organization. However, not so long ago, at the humble age of 16, I founded Enterprise Organization with the hope of, truthfully, having an extracurricular on my Common Application for colleges. Although, in retrospect, Enterprise has turned out to be an extremely integral part of who I am and has shaped me in countless ways. As a follow-up to this post, I will be writing other posts related to my experiences with Enterprise, as, truth be told, my time is extremely limited. I only have about 3 to 5 days left as President of Enterprise Organization, and I would like to make them count. So, as my farewell days begin, I would just like to express some of my inner thoughts. People who know about Enterprise tend to always be awestruck by how much I have been able to accomplish as an individual through EO. But, in reality, none of my efforts would have amounted to anything had it not been for the people who believed in me, and took a chance with Enterprise. Hence, I would like to give a big thank you to those who believed in me and Enterprise. And for those who did not: thanks anyways! You only added fuel to the fire. But all jokes aside, these days are going to be quite sentimental for me. So as I finish writing this post and begin to close my chapter with Enterprise, tears stream down my face and my heart fills with grief. All the memories of my past two years flash in front of my eyes and my grief is cushioned by happiness.  The sleepless nights, that jeopardized my sanity, all of a sudden seem romantic and surreal. So as I begin my last series of posts 35 days before I leave Enterprise and begin anew in California, I have only one thing to say:

Thank You.


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