Why Donald Trump May Cost The Republicans The Election

Donald Trump. The  name is infamous. When you think of Trump you think of a stereotypical billionaire: arrogant, disrespectful, obnoxious. You would never associate anything that is good and holy with Trump. Trump is possibly the worst candidate in the entire election. He has not vocalized his plans of reform to the public and in short, he has no plan to “Make America Great Again”. In simple terms, Trump is just an old rich dude who wants to find a fun way to spend his money.  Moreover,  the disrespect he showed to Mexicans by calling them rapists and druggies and the comments he made about Senator John McCain were outrageous and completely uncalled for.  Any sensible human being would apologize for making these comments, however, Trump is no sensible human being. His arrogance has caused him to feel like he does nothing wrong. The fact that he would call Mexicans rapists and druggies shows that he does not care for ANY minority. Unless you are white, Trump will not care for you at all. Furthermore, his comments on John McCain were disgusting. Though I don’t  generally agree with McCain’s views as a senator, I have an extreme amount of respect for him solely because of the fact that he was a war hero who was tortured for 5 years in Vietnam. Trump had the audacity to insult McCain by saying that McCain is “a war hero because he was captured” and that he likes “people that weren’t captured”. This was an insult to all POWs  and (especially the Vietnam POWs) not just McCain because while these Vets were being tortured, Trump avoided the draft and was enjoying his life here in the safety of the US. Trump has made numerous outrageous comments, but these alone will not cost the Republicans the election. Say Trump gets the nomination, right then and there the Republicans are done, they will have no chance at winning. Those Republicans that opposed Trump in the primaries will not vote for him thus creating a path for the Democratic Candidate to take office. Now let’s say Trump doesn’t get the nomination. Then Trump has two options, either admit defeat, which is highly unlikely, or run as an Independent. Usually, those that run as Independents don’t make huge differences when election time arrives. However, let’s not forget when in 2000, Ralph Nader drew enough votes away from Al Gore that George Bush won the election. It is clear that Trump has large amounts of support and that if he goes independent, he will take all his supporters with him. Supporters, whom, if Trump does not run as an Independent would vote Republican. Thereby taking away votes from the Republican party and thus again, creating a path for the Democratic Candidate to take office. The only way the Republican party has a chance to win, is if Donald Trump does not run. However, in the slight chance that Trump does win, you can find me up north drinking fresh maple syrup while riding a moose.


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