Numb to the Numbers

As you are reading this sentence right now, I can almost guarantee you that there is another tab open to Facebook or Gmail, or any other type of social media. And your phone? Probably somewhere in your immediate vicinity. Go ahead and check it. I’m sure there’s a new notification waiting for you since the last couple minutes you put it down.

Truth is, we’ve all been sucked into this massive social media fervor of our generation; it seems as if everyone we know is connected on some type of social platform: Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, you name it. We live life half in the moment, half in the cyber world. And in this easily accessible cyber-reality-haze, it’s hard not to get caught up in the whole midst of likes, shares, reposts, comments, etc.

But what’s so bad about caring about the number of likes a post gets, really?

Scientifically speaking, the brain produces more endorphin as the numbers increase. Put simply, the more likes we get, the happier we are. Sure, it’s a great thing that we end up happy, but the importance we assign these numbers is nothing but false. In this trap of social media, we falsely find importance in being liked and gain a sense of validation in these numbers, to the point where it becomes the basis of our self- esteem. It’s totally fine to want to be liked and to seek likes, but it’s not fine to let it become the basis of who you are and manipulate your sense of self-worth, because frankly, how do you know how much thought people put into liking (or not liking) your post? A simple number cannot validate who you are or the quality of the content you create.

Remember, social media can serve as the most warped mirror, providing you with numbers that mean nothing to your personal value. Go ahead and post the status. And do no more- don’t look back at the numbers, however high or low, and let them affect you. As the saying goes, be numb to the numbers.


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