Happy Birthday Barack Obama!

This transforming Tuesday, we get to look at an aging president as well as what the future holds for the democratic party in the upcoming election. When looking back at how the 44th president looked at first compared to what the stress of everyday life has transformed him to the man he is today, we can see his age having more of an impact.However his birthday did not come with no celebrations this year. Last year, Obama marked his birthday with meetings and the first-ever U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit. But this year he started the celebrations early. “On Saturday he took his friends out golfing at Andrews Air Force and then went to Camp David in Maryland, where he’s also partied in previous years.” Also, we have to appreciate that in these past few years, there have been striking changes regarding White House advisory, Health Care Reform, gun policy, internet policies, as well as foreign policy in the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and recently Iran. Although these changes and events have been a part of his terms, one can never forget the June of 2015 when the SCOTUS decision on same sex marriage. Now we can see the reward in celebrating today from the beginning of the election of 2008 ; now seeming a distant memory to August 4th 2015 – 461 days until his term comes to an end. In terms of looking forward to the 2016 election, there is some controversy about the vice president – Joe Biden running for the election as a presidential nomination. However, we must accept the fact after numerous interviews, countless lectures, and a multitude of campaigns strategies that the democrats seem pretty ready for Hillary Clinton. This can seem to be proven almost as a fact because “Many members of the Obama administration have gone to work for Clinton, including some close to Biden.” As for the Republican party there is the top choice leading a fractured team of other candidates- Donald Trump. Slightly behind him are Jeb Bush and Scott Walker. Something to look forward to amid all these runners is the debate on August 6th Fox News debate which will only invite the top 10 candidates based on recent national polls. While watching this heated debate, we must appreciate and recognize the new storm of changes in events coming, and reminisce on the cyclone of events that have occurred in these past few years.

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” -President Obama


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