The iPhone “Smart” Battery Case

We’ve all been there. You’re texting your BFF when suddenly, the welcoming green battery level indicator transforms into a terrifying red color with the message “YOUR BATTERY LEVEL IS LOW”. Normally, you would find the nearest power outlet to charge your iPhone. However, sometimes this isn’t an option. What do you do?

This past week, Apple announced the newest addition to its list of iPhone accessories: the iPhone Smart Battery Case. It’s exactly as it sounds: a case that protects and charges your iPhone. Sounds perfect right?

Not exactly.

To start off, the case itself looks a bit…unusual. Looking at the case upfront, you’re greeted with a super sleek silicon finish that feels amazing in the hand. But flip the case over and you instantly notice an unsettling hump that detracts from the sleekness the iPhone is known for. Obviously, the case’s battery has to go somewhere, but the point still stands that Smart Battery Case isn’t the prettiest case in the world.


Aesthetics aside, a larger problem is apparent- the $99 price tag. Apple isn’t the first company to produce battery cases. Companies like Mophie have produced battery cases long before the advent of Apple’s version of the same idea. In comparison to other battery cases, Apple’s Smart Battery Case is lacking in some departments. The size of the battery is smaller than its competitors, resulting in a weaker charge. In addition, unlike Mophie’s battery case, you can’t control when you want to charge your iPhone. As soon as you insert your iPhone in this case, it will begin charging. All of this combined with the fact that there are cheaper battery cases with more features begs the question: Should you buy this case?

If you want everything Apple and a case made by the same people who made your phone, then this case is for you. For those who want a cost-efficient and feature-rich battery case, I’d suggest looking elsewhere.

For more information about the iPhone Smart Battery Case, watch MKBHD’s video:



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