A UNiversal Deal


December 12th 2015 ; a historic landmark was reached in France that is an amalgamation of thousands of delegates and 195 countries efforts to solve the pressing issue of climate change.This unprecedented accord will commit to every country to lower greenhouse gas emissions to avert climate change in every possible way.Hence, this deal was no ordinary one, it was rather “a historic breakthrough on an issue that has foiled decades of international efforts to address climate change.”

Even President Obama praises this deal as a crucial segment of his presidency as he televised from the White House “This agreement sends a powerful signal that the world is fully committed to a low-carbon future.” This powerful statement showed that the UN and the world as a whole has the innate virtuosity to take on a challenge that might lead to some devastating effects. However, this deal alone won’t solve climate change even though it is the world’s last hope before it will succumb to global warming.

The scientists present in France, have analyzed this decision and said “this will cut greenhouse gas emissions by almost one half to reach a certain global temperature.”If this temperature is passed even by a margin it will result in an increase in sea levels,severe droughts and floods,food and water shortages across the globe,and even more devastating storms.

Despite the negative effects of climate change in accordance to the deal, there is an incentive to the world financially.There will be a necessary halt  in investing for coal,oil, and gas for energy sources, but a growth in the use of solar, wind,and nuclear power.This can become a reality depending on how seriously every country will follow through to it, looking back at Copenhagen where a similar consensus was reached and collapsed due to lack of cooperation within certain nations.The primary difference that makes this Paris accord more suitable to this day in age , is the transformation within “domestic policies,and bilateral relations between China, and the U.S, the world’s two largest polluters of greenhouse gas.”

In regard to this relation Xie Zhenhua , a Chinese climate change negotiator says this deal needing some additional improvement is still “fair comprehensive,balanced, highly ambitious,enduring,and effective.” President Obama also had a say on this by enacting the nation’s first climate change policy which will include, stringent regulations for EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to stymie greenhouse gas pollution emanating from coal-fired power plants.

This does not only concern China ,and the U.S, but rather every countries national plans.These plans will greatly vary in terms of their requirements since there is no standard amount of cutting off greenhouse gases for each one.Hence, these countries will have to reconvene after 5 years to update their policies and plans using a universal account system, resulting in a hybrid legal structure as the crux of the accord.
The Paris accord is the framework for a world with limited greenhouse gas pollution that will depend on the global peer pressure, actions of future governments, and future leaders in upcoming elections. In response to this and the Paris attacks there are doubled efforts to show the nations goodwill towards France. EU commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete couldn’t have culminated the spirit of the conference any better and motivating than by saying “ today we celebrate, tomorrow we have to act that, this is what the world expects of us.”


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