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I love cars, alternative energy, the sciences and technology. I try and present a mixture of these topics in what I write to help give a new perspective on these topics as one. I hope to become a medical professional in the future but I will always exhibit my wide range of interests.


In the past 25 minutes, the world may have witnessed one of the biggest upsets in UFC history, as the famous Rowdy Ronda Rousey, the previously undefeated 12-0 bantamweight champion was dominated in a fight that went to the second round.

I watched this fight myself, and on a personal review of the fight, Rousey relied too much on her grappling experience as a Judo master, and left herself completely vulnerable to Holm’s wrath of punches and kicks. It was as if Ronda forgot how to block.


This teaches a valuable lesson about life: don’t refuse the glove touch in the beginning of the fight. If anyone asks you to touch gloves, touch them.


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What’s crazier than Insane? Ludicrous

Yes. Elon Musk does it again. He takes the one thing that people thought was already crazy, and one upped them.

Elon Musk, CEO and Chairman of Tesla Motors, has had a long-standing record of maybe hyping up the public expectations, and delivering a little later on their expectations, but his ability to pull feats like the surprise D models for the Model S, and adding self-driving driver assistance capabilities to the car keeps the public believing his word.

The Model S’s performance package model, P85+, was already blisteringly quick for a sedan, reaching 60 mph in a blistering 3.9 seconds. The unveiling of the newer P85D model that would replace the P85 now had two motors, all wheel drive, a total of 691 horsepower, and of course, decreased the 60 mph time to 3.1 seconds when put in “Insane Mode”. Now, this is all you know. You have heard it thousands of times and watched the Youtube videos of grandmothers being scared out of their minds and people watching as their phones get stuck to the seat as the car creates false gravity.


What we are flipping out about is the new option of Ludicrous mode. Upping the speed to 2.8 seconds now means that the Model S is faster than a Lamborghini, and actually has the same 0-50 time as a 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggra! AND, this car can haul 7 people! Having already been crowned as the quickest sedan in the world, this is completely something.

For those of us less concerned with the performance, Musk also added that they are adding a 70 and 90 kwh battery option. The 70 would be offered at 70k base price before discounts, and the 90 would offer 300+ miles of range. However, I think most of us fanboys and fangirls will be waiting for the Model III so we can convince ourselves we can afford it.

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The Entirely unlikely, yet possible theory: White Holes

For as long as humans have been discovering their surroundings, there has been an opposite to everything in the universe. There was light inverse to darkness, yin to yang, matter to antimatter. Then, it seems that we should not be surprised by the entirely theoretical yet possible concept of “White” holes as opposites to Black Holes. It does not make the concept any less mind blowing though.

Albert-Einstein-10In the subject of General Relativity, first discovered by Albert Einstein and then improved by such scientists as Stephen Hawking, white holes are effectively hypothetical regions in space-time that are impenetrable from the outside despite emitting matter and light from inside. By this definition, they are the inverse of black holes, which can absorb matter  and light into an object of infinite density at their center, but never let anything escape.

These white holes also attract matter through gravity, like black holes or any other object of mass in the universe, but the attracted matter never reaches the event horizon, or “point of no return.” Although these white holes only exist mathematically, there was a cosmic anomaly witnessed by scientists on June 14, 2006. The giant explosion of light in deep space seemed otherwise completely unexplainable. A light burst of that caliber, lasting for about 102 seconds, would normally be paired with a supernova. At the time however, there was no supernova or collision of any sort to attribute to the burst.

grb2The reason why white holes were dismissed as non existent was that although mathematically possible, they violate the laws of Physics: The second law of thermodynamics. This law states that the entropy of the universe can only stay the same or increase but never decrease. Entropy itself is defined as a tendency toward disorder. If black holes were the epitome of disorder, sucking in everything in sight, a release of matter would be adding order, thus decreasing entropy.Therefore, in the case that a white hole did form, it would be highly unstable because it would be fighting the universe’s laws of physics, and would shortly collapse in on itself, perhaps turning into a black hole. These would maybe last a few seconds, not a minute and a half as witnessed in 2006.

what-are-white-holesAlthough countless scientists have put forward explanations and theories, we cannot be certain how this burst was emitted. Until we have a chance to see another anomaly like this, we can’t necessarily prove the existence of these amazing white holes. It begs to question though, if in Einstein’s world of general relativity, time can flow forward and backward, allowing the existence of white holes and their ability to flow opposite to black holes, it would mean our one solid constant is in fact not. Time itself, we think, is the only unalterable variable in our lives regardless and unrelated to all other changes, but even time is only relative to our location in space. Nothing is constant, so perhaps our laws of physics, such as the second Law of Thermodynamics, may be subject to alteration. There may be a location in our universe where entropy is decreasing. We simply don’t know yet do we?

Remembering Doctor King

Today, Monday, January 19, 2015, we commemorate Martin Luther King Jr, for his everlasting service for the African American Civil Rights Movement.

MLK memorial, Washington D.C.

Today, the media remembers him most for his speech made in Washington D.C., “I Have A Dream,” in the early part of his career. We remember him as the dreamer, the man who led the boycotts, and the man who got shot. But we tend to forget everything he did near the end of his life. We tend to forget the Martin Luther King who was a antiwar activist, the disciple of Gandhi, and pastor, the challenger of the apartheid and the economic order.

Today, we realize how much of a difference his actions made to promote equality and end discrimination. We realize that his non-violent movements successfully accomplished what he set out to do, without hurting anyone in the process. But we tend to overlook the calculated intelligence behind his actions. We tend to underestimate the importance of his well-thought out demonstrations and speeches in favor of his altruism and forgiveness. We tend to forget his likeness to his role model, another freedom fighter who practiced the same methods just 15 years before MLK’s famed speech


Despite the recent events that have taken place over the last year, we still have no right to say that racism is at large, for it is a select few that choose to act against the values that fighters like Dr. King taught us. For every claimed hate crime reported at large in the media, there may be another story in which the roles are switched, that never gets told. We, as the majority, have the ability to keep his legacy alive.  “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” We thank you Dr. King, for what you taught us, and for how you helped us.

-A special thanks to Aishwarya Nair for her help in writing this tribute article. 

India’s MOM becomes first to make a successful maiden voyage to Mars

On Tuesday, September 24, 2014, a mere few hours ago, India became the first nation in the world to launch a successful maiden voyage to Mars as their MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission), or Mangalyaan, Hindi for Mars-craft, entered a successful orbit announced ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization.

A few weeks before MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution) was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, MOM had blasted off from Earth at the India’s Satish Dhawan Space Center in November 2013. Maven entered the Mars orbit just this last Sunday. The crew of the Maven sent a celebratory tweet to the crew of MOM just after they successfully entered orbit. Amazingly, India has accomplished their feat of sending MOM into Mars orbit at a cost of $74 million, a number that is dwarfed even by the making of the film Gravity (budget 100 million). To compare, Maven;s price tag is set at around  $671 million.

MOM (right) next to Maven. Photo taken form Maven's congratulatory Tweet
MOM (right) next to Maven. Photo taken form Maven’s congratulatory Tweet

The two missions both share a goal of unearthing answers to the scientific questions that are brought up with Mars. As they calibrate their positions over the next few weeks to prepare for scientific observations, Maven is set to examine the Red Planet’s upper atmosphere as MOM prepares to monitor the planet’s climate and weather, and photograph the surface and map the planet’s mineral composition.

See Mangalyaan/MOM’s journey to the Mars orbit here!

“Through your achievement, you have honored our forefathers, and inspired our future generations,” said Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, to the mission team. “We Indians are a proud people. Despite our many limitations, we aspire for the best. The success of our space program is a shining symbol of what we are capable of as a nation,” Modi stated in his speech after the live feed of the mission successful orbital entry.

The historic step established India as one of the technological powers of the world that everyone may have overlooked. Previously regarded as having the fifth largest space program, they may even jump to number 3 in the lists.

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Tesla Gigafactory gets new home in Nevada with $1.3 Billion deal

This last Thursday September 11, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval signed a package of bills that would give Tesla Motors a 1.3 Billion dollar tax break package to build their new Gigafactory in Nevada.

gigafactory_aerialTesla Motors, an electric car company founded by entrepreneur and current CEO of Tesla and Spacex, Elon Musk, had been negotiating a home for the mammoth renewable energy lithium-ion battery factory with a few states, including Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Nevada. The deal won the most support on the second day of the two day session that Governor Brian Sandoval called to try and secure an arrangement for the factory’s location in an industrial park 20 miles east of Reno.

Breakdown of the factory

The largest portion of the deal allows Tesla sales tax exemptions for 20 years (estimated to value at about $725 million) and savings of an estimated $300 million in payroll taxes over the next 20 years as well.

It seems Sandoval was more than eager to propose the agreement, exclaiming that it has “changed the trajectory of Nevada forever” as the Gigafactory would revitalize Nevada’s economy, that still hasn’t fully recovered from the Recession in 2008. The conditions of the Gigafactory include that half of the factory’s employees must be from Nevada. The factory would create an “estimated 3,000 construction jobs, 6,500 factory jobs, and 16,000 indirect jobs,” (

Press released image of factory's location
Press released image of factory’s location

“The factory is crucial to the company’s mission of mass producing affordable electric cars within three years,” said Tesla’s vice president of business development Diarmuid O’Connell.

Enterprise Organization Launches new website

Enterprise Organization is proud to welcome you all to its new official website, The website features information on our subsidiaries, international projects, information on our organization, and the individuals who run it.

Enterprise Organization's home page.
Enterprise Organization’s home page.

For those readers that currently are not aware, this newspaper itself is a subsidiary of this organization. Enterprise Organization was originally started last December by Viren Rupani, another author on this newspaper, with the goal of teaching high school students the diverse topic of business, and allowing them to employ this knowledge through our simulation at Enterprise Conventions. From there, it has grown to include a management team and a legal counsel. The management team now includes:

Viren Rupani – President

Khush Patel – Vice President of Finance

Tarun Masimukku – Vice President of Projects

Parshv Patel – Vice President of Internal Affairs

Eric Huang – Legal Counsel

Now, the organization has expanded to reaches it has never imagined it could. In addition to this internationally visited newspaper website,, Enterprise Organization also includes, Education of Tomorrow, a organization that offers free tuition to the entire public. The reason behind opening EDOT was that, as much as we promote equality and free public schools in today’s world, it is inherent that those students who have financial advantages tend to perform at a higher caliber than those who do not, due to the access to extra resources. Now this partner organization has exponentially grown to include many tutors and clients, and even international partners, Ex: Rotaract Club of Narsee Monjee College in Mumbai, India, and Magnanimous Print Foundation in Edison, NJ, USA.

The other subsidiary, EOInternational, has grown to be visited and recognized worldwide due to the wide variety of topics and news it covers with a factual base that may not be offered by other news websites. 

We hope, you as our valued viewers will explore the new website and our organization’s progress to success!

Thank you for the support, it would not have been possible without you. 


Enterprise Organization Management Team

Max Verstappen, F1’s youngest driver, doesn’t even have a license.

Sixteen year old Max Verstappen is set to become Formula One’s youngest driver ever,and he doesn’t even have a license.

The teenager is actually the son of the Dutch Ex-F1 driver Jos Verstappen and is currently racing in Formula 3 circuits with the Van Amersfoort Racing team after having been established in go-Kart racing. The thing is, he is actually too young to even take his driver’s test on Dutch roads!

His partner will be Russian Fanii Kvyat as a part of the Red Bull feeder team and 24 year old Frenchman Jean-Eric Vergne placed as surplus.

He will partner Russian Daniil Kvyat in the Red Bull feeder team with 24-year-old Frenchman Jean-Eric Vergne deemed surplus to requirements. Verstappen, who won the go-Kart racing championship last year and has placed in the leader board in 8 out of the 27 races he raced as a part of the Formula 3 racing circuit. Turning 17 next month, he will beat the previous record holder for the youngest F1 driver, who was Spain’s Jaime Alguersuari by 2 years.


In response to the amazing opportunity, Verstappen said this, “Ever since I was seven years old, Formula One has been my career goal, so this opportunity is truly a dream come true.” He also stated that he believed his step from Go-Karting to F3 was a far larger step and hoped that his transition from Formula 3 to Formula 1 will be easier.

As for safety? He doesn’t seem worried at all: “I’m not that worried about it. The cars are really safe. I think it’s more dangerous to bike through a big city than race in an F1 car.”

Whatever the case is, this boy has racing in his blood and genetics. He is lucky to get this opportunity at such a young age, but clearly, he is an amazing driver to reach this far at such a young age, and he may enlighten us yet on the track.


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Tesla: Best warranty in the industry? Hyundai, move over.

In the last five years, Hyundai and its subsidiary, Kia, have been awarded more “Car of the year” awards than any other car company and are at the top of J.P. Powers “Initial Quality” awards list. This is due in part to their exquisite styling in the past few years which has blurred the lines between value and luxury, and also due in part to their famous 100,000 mile 10 year warranty. There has not been a warranty to match theirs in quality and usefulness, until now.


Tesla has just recently announced an “infinite mile warranty” for their Model S production electric vehicle, raising the previous warranty cap from 4 years and 50,000 miles. Basically, this “infinite” warranty means “unlimited”. the time limits for the warranty however are applied to be the same limits as the battery pack. So, however many miles you can drive in 8 years, it’s still covered. What gives Tesla even more of an edge over Hyundai’s warranty is that the “infinite mile warranty” is transferable to however many owners a particular Model S has. So used vehicle or new, whichever you buy, You will have a warranty! That essentially soundly defeats Hyundai at any angle in this matter as Hyundai’s famed powertrain warranty is only transferable to immediate family members.



We all know everyone had their doubts when Tesla first came out with their vehicles.

“It’s got a great range, but it has no backup generator to get power. What do I do if I run out of range?”
     Well what do you do if you run out of gas in a normal car? Fill up. So that’s what Tesla did. They built 105 Superchargers across the damn continent. Yes. Continent. North America. 
“It’s a nice car, but what about safety? “
      Tesla reinforced the base p[late of the Model S after accidents that punctured the battery pack caused fired, with a titanium alloy that will crush concrete blocks. Don’t believe me? Check this out.
“It’s a nice car but too expensive!”
           Of course, this is also the reason I wasn’t able to buy a Tesla. What many of us fail to realize in the first look is that Tesla wasn’t just made to compete with other compact cars like the Leaf. It was made to give Electric cars a luxury feel, not a wimpy under powered innuendo. That’s why it outsells others cars in its class such as the Audi A7 and Mercedes Benz S Class. And, that’s also why they are working on the Model III aren’t they? $35,000 will get you a small size Model S that can compete with cars like the BMW 3 series. 
To be quite frank, I am an admirer of Tesla Motors and Elon Musk for their technological advancements, courage to change the automobile industry, and innovation to carry that out. As a bit of an environmentalist, I love the idea of cars that don’t rely on fossil fuels. But as a journalist, I force myself to not blindly bandwagon this car and speculate every fault I can to see why it should be better than conventional gasoline or diesel cars. Much to my excitement however, it seems Tesla is doing everything they can to make us believe that electric cars are really the way to go as Musk states in the following quote.
“If we truly believe that electric motors are fundamentally more reliable than gasoline engines … then our warranty policy should reflect that.” – Elon Musk
Elon Musk does one thing that I like. He did not just introduce an electric car and hoped it would take off. He took and is still taking every step possible to ensure that Electric cars will be better than conventional combustion engine cars in anyway–just so that it will spur the entire automobile industry to follow suite. That is the only way to make sure that the EV age takes off  and the only way we can ever hope to change our fossil fuel guzzling transportation industry. 
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Tesla offers Replacement Battery Packs for Roadsters

Historically, car companies have not offered upgrades to powertrains. However, the relative simplicity of electric car technology may allow that to change.

It has been a good two years since Tesla stopped manufacturing their Roadster, their first production model.

Tesla Roadster Battery Bay

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors is now suggesting a production of replacement and upgrade battery pack option for their first production car, the Tesla Roadster. The Roadster, originally sold from 2008-2012, had a pretty impressive 245 mile range to start with. Not much information about pricing was released but Musk stated that the new replacements might have around a 400 mile range.


Similarly, Nissan offered a replacement battery pack for their electric car, the Leaf, for a relatively small price of $5,500, and it will also feature some of the newest battery cell technology.