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Looking Back: President of Enterprise Organization

Just a friendly heads-up: if you were looking for a post based on current events, I would immediately veer away from this post as you will be gravely dissapointed. However, if you were not, please read ahead. My name is Viren Rupani, I am 18 years old and I am the Founder and President of Enterprise Organization. However, not so long ago, at the humble age of 16, I founded Enterprise Organization with the hope of, truthfully, having an extracurricular on my Common Application for colleges. Although, in retrospect, Enterprise has turned out to be an extremely integral part of who I am and has shaped me in countless ways. As a follow-up to this post, I will be writing other posts related to my experiences with Enterprise, as, truth be told, my time is extremely limited. I only have about 3 to 5 days left as President of Enterprise Organization, and I would like to make them count. So, as my farewell days begin, I would just like to express some of my inner thoughts. People who know about Enterprise tend to always be awestruck by how much I have been able to accomplish as an individual through EO. But, in reality, none of my efforts would have amounted to anything had it not been for the people who believed in me, and took a chance with Enterprise. Hence, I would like to give a big thank you to those who believed in me and Enterprise. And for those who did not: thanks anyways! You only added fuel to the fire. But all jokes aside, these days are going to be quite sentimental for me. So as I finish writing this post and begin to close my chapter with Enterprise, tears stream down my face and my heart fills with grief. All the memories of my past two years flash in front of my eyes and my grief is cushioned by happiness.  The sleepless nights, that jeopardized my sanity, all of a sudden seem romantic and surreal. So as I begin my last series of posts 35 days before I leave Enterprise and begin anew in California, I have only one thing to say:

Thank You.


An interview from Taiwan coming soon…

Over the summer, Eric Huang went overseas to conduct an interview with the President of the Taiwan Soda Aromatic Co, Ltd, David Lin. He explored Mr. Lin’s perception of the economy overseas in Taiwan and acquired some insight from Mr. Lin into the attainment of success in today’s global economy. The furnished video has been published privately on Eric’s Youtube channel, but Enterprise publication will be very soon.


今年暑假,Eric Huang 到海外和臺灣曾田香料有限公司的董事長林志賢先生做一個短採訪。Eric Huang 採訪了林先生對臺灣的經濟的看法和林先生所對如何在現在的國際貿易成功。在現在的國際經濟裏,只有知己知彼才能百戰百勝。採訪影片已經在Eric的YouTube頻道私下發表,但我們期待Enterprise 的出版.

Eric Huang and Mr. David Lin of Taiwan Soda Aromatics Co, Ltd in one of its major branches in Taipei, Taiwan on August 4, 2014.

Enterprise Organization Launches new website

Enterprise Organization is proud to welcome you all to its new official website, The website features information on our subsidiaries, international projects, information on our organization, and the individuals who run it.

Enterprise Organization's home page.
Enterprise Organization’s home page.

For those readers that currently are not aware, this newspaper itself is a subsidiary of this organization. Enterprise Organization was originally started last December by Viren Rupani, another author on this newspaper, with the goal of teaching high school students the diverse topic of business, and allowing them to employ this knowledge through our simulation at Enterprise Conventions. From there, it has grown to include a management team and a legal counsel. The management team now includes:

Viren Rupani – President

Khush Patel – Vice President of Finance

Tarun Masimukku – Vice President of Projects

Parshv Patel – Vice President of Internal Affairs

Eric Huang – Legal Counsel

Now, the organization has expanded to reaches it has never imagined it could. In addition to this internationally visited newspaper website,, Enterprise Organization also includes, Education of Tomorrow, a organization that offers free tuition to the entire public. The reason behind opening EDOT was that, as much as we promote equality and free public schools in today’s world, it is inherent that those students who have financial advantages tend to perform at a higher caliber than those who do not, due to the access to extra resources. Now this partner organization has exponentially grown to include many tutors and clients, and even international partners, Ex: Rotaract Club of Narsee Monjee College in Mumbai, India, and Magnanimous Print Foundation in Edison, NJ, USA.

The other subsidiary, EOInternational, has grown to be visited and recognized worldwide due to the wide variety of topics and news it covers with a factual base that may not be offered by other news websites. 

We hope, you as our valued viewers will explore the new website and our organization’s progress to success!

Thank you for the support, it would not have been possible without you. 


Enterprise Organization Management Team

Education of Tomorrow in India?

As your President, it is my duty to ensure that the constituents of our organization are thoroughly informed on the ordeals and happenings of our establishment. I, dearly, hope that I have lived up to this commitment, however, there is one project that I have kept in the dark until now.

A few months ago, I initiated work on establishing relationships with various non-profit entities based in India; my goal was to expand Education of Tomorrow’s program over there. After all, I did reside there for a good seven years of my life, and I was well aware of the startling economic disparity between the affluent and the abject. Therefore, I believed Education of Tomorrow’s free tutoring program would allow us as an organization to foster change on this rather personal topic.

Unfortunately, my efforts were quite futile as numerous organizations and non-profits disregarded Education of Tomorrow and its program. However, as with any great tale, there was a happy ending.

A few days ago, I received an email message from Aditya Shastri, the President of Narsee Monjee’s Rotract Club, and communications ensued. After a few exchanges via e-mail, we solidified ties, and announced a bilateral partnership.

Just as a side note, Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics is one of the highest ranked business schools in India, and is #2 on India Today’s list “India’s Best BBA Colleges in 2012”.


Therefore, I am extremely pleased to announce that Rotract Club of Narsee Monjee is Education of Tomorrow’s newest partner, and we look forward to a great partnership going forward. In addition, their club will be partaking in a 26 week program which will educate impoverished children in India, and Education of Tomorrow’s program will be integrated into that event.

With these positive sentiments, I would like to conclude this message, and announce that our constituents should expect many more milestones ahead, as we have a great deal of projects in the pipeline.

Thank you for believing in me, and allowing me to successfully lead Education of Tomorrow.

Best Regards,
Viren Rupani

Conference in Review

There was once an old adage that “Practice makes Perfect,” and as cliche as that sounds it is the truth. The only way we, as an organization, can create a successful conference is through practice. The mock conferences that are held at the Minnie B Veal are steps in the right direction to achieving success; therefore, we must constructively criticize and praise, simultaneously,  the mock conferences.

Cons:                                                                                                                                                 – Preparation: Akshay and I were not necessarily prepared to lead a conference, but, instead, we were seemingly just thrown into the fire. We were not sure how to go about leading this conference or how to stir up controversy among the companies; as a result, we both learned that it is crucial to have done the necessary research to successfully lead a conference.

– Indecisiveness/Confidence: During the conference Akshay and I were hesitant to make decisions that would negatively affect the companies. This was due in part to our inexperience but it had a lot more to do with our confidence or lack thereof. We were not confident that we had made decisions that were within the boundaries of our autonomy. From this, leaders can learn to be sure of the power they hold and to justify each decision confidently.

– Focus: One of the companies during the conference was not active in their goal to further improve itself. The directors in the company were becoming distracted with online sources and were not focused on the task at hand. Focus is key in creating a successful company. Each member must be working to devise ways to further the companies success.

Pros:                                                                                                                                                  -Creativity: Creativity and innovation are key in creating a product that will bring in a stream of revenue. One of the companies, Nokia, decided to partner with Tesla to use its OS system into the cars entertainment systems. Moves such as these will bring in a plethora of profit to a company as it is innovative, attractive, and different. Why not partner up with a front running, popular, global car company to promote your brand to increase your market share?

-Different Looks: As leaders of the conference, it is key to throw different looks at the companies so they are put through difficult times to see how well they respond. The world’s greatest companies are the ones that became even more powerful after facing adversity. Akshay and I found ways to negatively affect the companies. For example, we had Tesla sue Nokia for faulty engineering; as a result, Nokia was forced to create a settlement for 100 million dollars. The setback caused Nokia to explore different ways to create revenue. The different looks will get the companies thinking, which is the ultimate goal of the conference.