Our Staff

EO International has grown greatly from its humble beginnings, and it could not have been possible with our extremely talented staff. If our readers would like to contact any one of our writers, this is where they will find his/her contact.

  • Jai Shahani: As the Chief Editor of EO International, Jai manages the processes behind EO International and has guided the website in its success since July 2014. In addition to editing, Jai writes as an author on EO International about international affairs, finance, opinion, and technology. To see his articles, click here. Contact.
  • Divya Talresa: Divya is currently the new Assistant Editor to EO International. She took up the position in July 2015 and looks forward to delivering quality articles along with managing the processes of the website while collaborating with the Chief Editor. Divya has also written many articles for the website. To see her articles, click here.
  • Viren Rupani: Viren is the founder of EOInternational, and has managed it from its very conception. He is extremely interested in the field of finance, and aspires to become an Investment Banker. He enjoys serving the community, and believes in delivering excellence.  Viren is in charge of covering events related to finance, politics, and technology. To see his articles, click here. Contact.
  • Khush Patel: Khush Patel has been with EOInternational since its very beginning, and is interested in pursuing a career in science. He is currently responsible for covering events related to science and technology. To see his articles, click here. Contact.
  • Tarun Masimukku: Tarun is another veteran of EOInternational and is a car-fanatic. He plans on becoming a medical professional in the future and is greatly fond of Tesla Motors, and appreciates elegant automobiles. He currently writes articles on sports, technology, and automobiles. To see his articles, click here. Contact.
  • Eric Huang: Eric Huang is greatly interested in world affairs, and other political ordeals. For EO International, Eric writes articles under the Politics, News, and International categories. If you would like to see his posts, kindly click here. Contact.
  • Jere Xu: Jere is another one our valued authors, who is in charge of reporting events concerning lifestyle, opinion, politics, and technology. He has a range of interests, and enjoys serving the community. To see his articles, click here. Contact
  • Sam Verma: Sam joined EOInternational only a few months ago, however, his ideas have shown his innate talent. He currently covers articles concerning lifestyle, opinion, and technology. To see his articles, click here. Contact.
  • Gunjan Jhaveri: Gunjan has a wide array of interests, and is extremely interested in the vibrant field of business. He is in charge of covering articles on the topics of automobiles, lifestyle and technology. To see his articles, click here. Contact.
  • Ayush Saxena: Ayush has repeatedly proved his excellence in writing ever since he began. His articles have attracted a lot of attention and he is very enthusiastic about writing on EO International. To see his articles, click here.
  • Hira Javed: As a writer on EO International, Hira has exceptionally shown her ability to deliver fascinating opinion and lifestyle articles that discuss topics that are never questioned by society today. To read her articles, click here.
  • Ananya Kattimani: As an enthusiastic member of the EO International team, Ananya has contributed insightful and creative articles that relate to technology and opinion. To read her articles, click here.
  • Debisha Dey: Since she began writing articles on EO International, this writer has drawn attention to unknown and compelling topics that have not been actively covered by mass media. By addressing issues in health and lifestyle, she has made a  name for herself on EO and is excited to offer more to the viewers of EO International. To read her articles, click here.
  • Zain Ahmed: Offering opinions using factual evidence is a tough section of EO International; however, this author has taken up that challenge from the start and has impressively written with a style that draws attention to his articles and emphasizes points in lifestyle that are not normally discussed. He is excited to write more and seeks to inform our readers of more stories in the future. To read his articles, click here.
  • Michelle Fang: Her first article took EO International by storm. Her detailed report on Ebola left the viewers looking for more. This author’s impressive ability to address topics and report accurately to our viewers is exactly what EO International is looking for. She looks forward to writing more for our website. To read her articles, click here.
  • Samika Parab: Recently, Samika has joined the EO International team of writers and has expressed her opinions on education and values in society. Samika often writes under the lifestyle and opinion categories. To view her articles, click here.
  • Simmi Uppaladadium: As an opinion and lifestyle author, Simmi has established herself as a devoted writer looking to express her thoughts professionally on EO International. To read her articles, click here.
  • Aditya Shah: Committed, dedicated, and passionate about EO International, Aditya has often taken many initiatives in reporting the toughest news stories from across the nation and beyond. As one of our strongest writers, Aditya has often showed his excellence through his thoughtful and perceptive articles. To read his work, click here.

EO International is excited to announce that new writers have been added to our team. We realized that these writers have true potential to release informative and creative articles and to inform the public on current events, achieving our goal that we set out on about a year ago.

Our new writers include:

  • Hitakshi Shah
  • Deepti Talresa
  • Swasti Jain
  • Sean Seneviratne
  • Aryan Saple
  • Robert Catinello

We welcome these writers onto our team with open arms wishing them the best in their future articles and hope that our viewers will enjoy what they have to offer.


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